Cleveland Browns Fantasy Team Names | 100+ Funny Name Ideas

Cleveland Brown’s fantasy team names bring the funny while celebrating the comeback kids.

Whether you’re a diehard Dawg Pound fan or enjoy rooting for the underdogs, the Browns provide plenty of fantasy football inspiration.

From poking fun at their winless 2017 season to hyping up Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb, a good Browns fantasy team name shows your fanship

Don’t just settle for “Cleveland Steamers” – get clever with a team name like “Believeland” or “Hee Hee Higgins.”

No matter how you Brown-ify your fantasy football team name, do it with a smile. Because while the Browns have had their fair share of struggles, their future is looking bright.

So rep your squad and have some fun while you dominate your league. With the right Cleveland Browns fantasy team name, you can’t lose.

Best Cleveland Browns Fantasy Team Names

Best Cleveland Browns Fantasy Team Names
Best Cleveland Browns Fantasy Team Names

The best fantasy team names weave in Browns references that fans will appreciate. They showcase your passion for the Browns in an intimidating way.

Our top picks celebrate star players, iconic moments, or jokes about the franchise. They let your league know you’re all in on the Browns!

For example, names like Chubb’s Pit Bulls or Believeland give a shoutout to athletes and the devoted fanbase. They let fellow supporters know you love orange and brown.

Browse this list of the best Browns fantasy team names for ones that feel like an instant fit. Find something that reps your Cleveland loyalty!

  • Mayfield Magic
  • Dawg Pound Dynasty
  • Cuyahoga Crushers
  • Garrett’s Gridiron Guardians
  • Landry’s Legion
  • The Steamy Clevelanders
  • Chubb’s Champs
  • Baker’s Touchdown Bakery
  • OBJ-Wan Kenobi
  • The Great Lake Warriors
  • Play-Action Mayfield
  • Believeland Ballers
  • Barking Brownies
  • Kardiac Kids 2.0
  • Njoku’s Nightmares
  • 7th Street Swagger
  • Rock and Roll Revival
  • C-Town Champions
  • Orange Helmet Heroes
  • Brownian Motion
  • Haden’s Haunts
  • Creekfront Crushers
  • Draft Day Dominators
  • Hometown Heartbreakers
  • West Side Wild Cards
  • Myles of Sacks
  • The Autumn Wind Browns
  • Empire Strikes Chubb
  • Northcoast Nightmares
  • The Mayfield Force
  • Hail Mary Hammers
  • Brown-out Blowouts
  • Dawg Pound Defenders
  • East 9th Enforcers
  • Jarvis Juice Crew
  • Lake Erie Maulers
  • Legends of the Rust Belt
  • Browns Brothers Blitz
  • Factory of Sadness Savers
  • Brown Bag Ballers
  • Gridiron Gladiators
  • Mayfield and the Mayhem
  • Battle of Lake Erie
  • 4th Quarter Freewheelers
  • Poundland Punishers
  • Cleveland Clutch Crew
  • North Eastern Enigmas
  • Lakefront Legends
  • Orange Crush Revival
  • Gridiron Guardians
  • Jammin’ Jarvis Landry
  • Gaining Ground Browns
  • Rust Belt Runners
  • Forest City Fenoms
  • Nickel Defense Ninjas
  • Chubb’s Running Circus
  • Burning River Redemption
  • East-West Wardens
  • Ohio Turnpike Terrors
  • Backs Backyard Barbecue

Funny Cleveland Browns Fantasy Team Names

Funny Cleveland Browns Fantasy Team Names
Funny Cleveland Browns Fantasy Team Names

While being a Browns backer requires patience, a funny fantasy team name brings the laughs through all the losing seasons.

Funny Cleveland Browns fantasy team names like Baker’s Browns or Ketchup and Chubb promise opponents a hilarious showdown. They poke fun while flaunting your fan status.

Names that play with Brown’s lingo are always crowd-pleasers. The Dawg Chasers or Gridiron Goofballs get laughs while displaying your passion.

Peruse the list of funny Browns fantasy team names we’ve created. Find one that aligns with your humor style and represents your fan loyalty!

  • Baker’s BakerShop
  • Chubby Checker and the Chubbettes
  • The Land Before Timeouts
  • Njoku-Cola
  • Born to Landry Hard
  • Can You Diggs It, OBJ?
  • Mayfield’s Mustachio Men
  • Orange is the New Sack
  • Chubby Hubby Huddle
  • OBJ’s Luncheon
  • Brownie Points
  • The Cuyahoga Crazies
  • Baker-man’s Dozen
  • Pigskin Peaks & Chubb
  • Dawg Pound Detectives
  • The Hungry Chubby
  • Chubb-a-Licious Dance Off
  • Rock and Chubb Party
  • The Cleveland Groove Show
  • Wrinkle-Free Mayfield
  • Landry’s Laundry Service
  • East of Njoku
  • Baker’s Secret Sauce
  • South of OBJ
  • Cleveland Clam Bake
  • Coach’s Hot Chubb Time Machine
  • Myles of Laughs
  • Rust Belt Rascals
  • Sir Lando of Cleve
  • Mayfield in a Hayfield
  • Myles from Elsewhere
  • Sunshine and Chubb Drops
  • The Steamy Seagulls
  • The Baker’s Candlesticks
  • Browns Town Frown Clowns
  • Chubb’s Grubb Dubb Club
  • Factory of Gladness
  • Full Chubb Ahead
  • Cupcake Crush Crew
  • King Chubb Fumbles
  • Njoku’s Late-Night Jokes
  • Baker’s Whisk Avengers
  • Odell’s Hair Studio
  • Landry’s Lollygaggers
  • Mayfield’s Mountain Men
  • Silly Sack Salsa
  • Quirky QB Club
  • East Bank Danks
  • Chubb of Love
  • Orange Helmet Chuckles
  • The Comedy Kickoffs
  • Haystack Mayfields
  • Muffin Top Mayhem
  • That’s So Landry
  • Achin’ for a Chubb
  • Cleveland Baked Beans
  • Sacky Gilmore
  • Garrett’s Goofy Guards
  • Blandry’s Blunders
  • Dancing Chubs


Check out our FAQs where we tackle questions about Cleveland Brown’s fantasy team names.

Prepare to impress your league with a striking, memorable team name this season.

What are some unique Cleveland Browns fantasy team names?

Some unique fantasy team names can come from past and present players, iconic moments, or even plays on words related to the team. Think about mixing in elements of Cleveland culture, humor, or your favorite moments.

Do I need to change my team name every season?

Changing your team name is a personal choice. You may want to keep your winning moniker or you might choose to update it based on new players, recent events, or to inject some fresh humor.

Can I use the names of past and current Cleveland Browns players in my team name?

Yes, you can incorporate past and current players in your fantasy team name to create a memorable and unique identity for your team.

What are some creative ways to use Browns history in team names?

Reference iconic moments, historic plays, notable players, and famous positions in Browns history to create a unique team name.

Mixing humor and fun facts can be a great way to show off your team pride.

How can I incorporate humor in my Browns-themed fantasy team name?

Use puns, wordplay, and popular culture references to create funny team names. A clever mix of player names, team slogans, and Cleveland culture can lead to great humorous names.

Can I include elements of a jersey or mascot in my team name?

Yes, referencing unique elements like jersey numbers, the team mascot, or team colors can make your team name stand out.

Incorporating these features can showcase your team pride and knowledge of the Browns.

Do team names have any impact on the fantasy football game itself?

While team names don’t directly impact your fantasy football performance, they can make your league play more enjoyable.

A unique, creative name can add an extra layer of fun to your game day experience.

Is referencing past Cleveland Browns stars allowed in team names?

Yes, referencing past Browns stars is a great way to create a unique and memorable team name. Just ensure that references are respectful and appropriate for your league.


The perfect fantasy team name encapsulates the spirit of your fandom. With this list of Cleveland Browns fantasy team names, we hope we’ve helped inspire your crew’s moniker!

With over 100+ Cleveland Browns fantasy team names to inspire you, finding the perfect moniker for your squad should be no problem.

The right name represents your Cleveland loyalty and devotion to another rebuilding year. Let it reflect the hope you have for the glory days ahead!

Whether you want to celebrate your stars or poke fun at past meltdowns, there’s a Browns fantasy team name for every fan.

So browse this list with your league-mates and settle on something everyone will get a kick out of.

Then set your lineup and prepare to shock some people if the Browns shock themselves!

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