Seinfeld Fantasy Football Team Names | 100+ Hilarious Ideas

Seinfeld fantasy football team names might be the best way to show off your fandom and sense of humor.

With the legendary sitcom celebrating over 30 years on-air, there’s no shortage of hilarious references to pull team names from.

An Elaine-inspired “The Spongeworthy” or Newman’s “The Postal Employees” are sure to get laughs at the draft table.

Whether you always felt like George or you’re president of the Susan fan club, you’ll find the best Seinfeld fantasy football team name on this list.

Our collection of Seinfeld fantasy football names will help you represent the greatest sitcom of all time during your league’s upcoming season.

You’ll have everyone exclaiming “yada yada yada” over these creative and nostalgic team names.

So lace up your sneakers, get your puffy shirt ready, and let’s draft some teams worthy of the exclamation “Serenity now!”

Best Seinfeld Fantasy Football Team Names

Best Seinfeld Fantasy Football Team Names
Best Seinfeld Fantasy Football Team Names

The best Seinfeld fantasy football team names are recognizable to fans. They blend football with catchphrases and moments from the show.

“The Human Fund Donors” calls upon George’s infamous fake charity, while “The Spongeworthy Squads” nods to Elaine’s rigorous standards.

Other top-tier names like “Lord of the Idiots” and “The Soup Nazis” mix legendary episodes. They’re creative without being over the top.

The goal is to celebrate Seinfeld’s enduring humor. After all, fantasy football is about enjoying the absurdity of life between plays.

So lace up your sneakers, drape yourself in velvet, and get ready to annoy the clowns. With the right Seinfeld-inspired team name, you’re golden.

Browse this list of the best Seinfeld fantasy football team names to find one that feels like a natural embodiment of your fantasy team’s spirit.

  • Vandelay Industries MVPs
  • Soup-Nazi Savers
  • KramericaKickers
  • Giddy Up Gunners
  • PuffyShirts Players
  • Costanza’s Commanders
  • The Bizarro Ballers
  • Sherpa Smashers
  • Serenity Now Savages
  • Marine Biologists Marauders
  • Bubble Boy Blitzers
  • Lobster Scramblers
  • Vandalay Victors
  • Art Vandelay Architects
  • Junior Mints Maneuvers
  • Latvian Orthodox Legends
  • J Peterman Juggernauts
  • Muffin Tops Maulers
  • Moops Marauders
  • Susan’s Dollhouses Defenses
  • Festivus Pole Chargers
  • Bro’s Bros
  • Fusilli Jerry Jammers
  • Mimbos Marauders
  • Del Boca Vista Dynasty
  • The SpongeWorthy Soldiers
  • Nothing Strike Squad
  • Rochelle Rochelles
  • Kramer’s Lobsters
  • Jackie Chiles Justice
  • Frogger Footballers
  • The Yada Yada Yards
  • George’s Penske File
  • Kenny Bania Ballers
  • Newman’s Mailmen
  • No Soup For You Novas
  • The Seinfield Slammers
  • Hennigan’s Handoff
  • Anti-Dentite Demolition
  • Festivus for the Restivus
  • Bob Sacomano’s Blitz
  • The Hard Hitting High Talkers
  • YevKasem Crushers
  • The Sponge Savers
  • Babu’s Batters
  • The Assmen Attackers
  • Mackinaw Peach Pros
  • Low Talker Linebackers
  • The Conversion Crushers
  • Milosh’s Servers
  • Dinky Donut Defenders
  • Man Hands Snatchers
  • Uncle Leo’s Eyebrows
  • Lloyd Braun Brutes
  • Bookstore Bandits
  • Delicate Genius Defenses
  • Puddy’s Devils
  • Mr. Marbles Maulers
  • Real and Spectacular Scorers
  • Kenny Rogers Roasters Rushers

Funny Seinfeld Fantasy Football Team Names

Funny Seinfeld Fantasy Football Team Names
Funny Seinfeld Fantasy Football Team Names

Funny Seinfeld fantasy football names promise opponents an entertaining matchup.

They add some humor and personality to game day. Names that play with the show’s most hilarious moments are sure to please fans.

For example, “The Assmen” and “The Move Shakers” are prime material. “The Marble Ryes” and “The Junior Mints” are also crowd-pleasers.

They blend football with Seinfeld’s iconic humor. Of course, names riffing on classic Jerry jokes or Kramer entrances work too.

The goal is to celebrate the show’s enduring legacy with your fantasy football squad.

So whether you’re a diehard fan or just looking to add some humor, browse this list for funny Seinfeld fantasy football names.

  • Top of the Muffin To Ya’da Yada Yada
  • Man Hands Offsides
  • Velvet Fog Victorias
  • Can’t Stanza George
  • Kenny Bania Bonanzas
  • No Trash Touches Elaine
  • Another Game About Nothing
  • Bosco’s Ballers
  • Double Dip Defenders
  • Shrinkage Sackers
  • Sein Language Signalers
  • The Master of My Defense
  • Giddy Up Gird Iron
  • The Festivus Miracle Makers
  • Marbled Rye Runners
  • Manya’s Mulligan
  • Kramer’s Coffee Table
  • Jerry’s Junior Mints
  • The Nose Picking Pros
  • Popies Punters
  • The Dingo Ate My Touchdown
  • Art Corvelay’s Concrete
  • Estelle Costanza’s Critics
  • Snake Mistake Shakers
  • Trivial Pursuit Terrorizers
  • Wallet-Sized Chicken Walkers
  • The High Five Hitters
  • Tippy Toe Touchdowns
  • Lord Of The Idiots
  • Little Jerry’s Jammers
  • The Mimbo Moves
  • Anti-Dentite Defenders
  • Del Boca Vista Vipers
  • These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty!
  • The Bizarro Backfield
  • Vandalay’s Vultures
  • Monk’s Cafe Crew
  • Kramer’s Kavorka
  • Frank’s Festivus
  • George’s Goretex Gamers
  • Jalapeno Poppers Predictors
  • Elaine’s Little Kicks
  • Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That!
  • Big Salad Sackers
  • Fusilli Jerry Fumblers
  • The Rickshaws Runners
  • The Seinfeld Chronicles Chasers
  • Street Toughs Titans
  • Move Makers Move Mountains
  • Pirate Shirt Axes
  • Elaine’s Urban Sombreros
  • Chocolate Babka Bouncers
  • Poppy’s Pee Poo Platter Players
  • Vandelay Latex Salesmen
  • Kramer’s Kavorka
  • Brainy Smackers
  • Jujyfruit Jukes
  • Bubble Boy’s Tight Ends
  • Peterman’s Picks
  • The Sack Lunches


Embrace the world of Seinfeld-inspired fantasy football team names. A gamut of questions related to these unique, sitcom-infused team names.

What are some Seinfeld Fantasy Football team names?

There are many team names you can choose from such as: The Soup-Nazis, Festivus For The Win, Man-Hands Misfits, Kramerica Industries, etc.

Why pick a Seinfeld-themed Fantasy Football team name?

Choosing a Seinfeld-themed name allows you to showcase your love for the classic sitcom while also adding a sense of uniqueness and humor to your team.

Are these team names inspired by Seinfeld characters?

Yes, many of these team names are inspired by Seinfeld characters, catchphrases, and iconic episode moments.

How do I come up with my own Seinfeld Fantasy Football team name?

Try combining memorable characters, lines, or situations from Seinfeld with football terms or your favorite players’ names.

Do I need to watch Seinfeld to understand these team names?

While it’s not absolutely necessary, familiarity with the series will give you a better understanding of the references used in these names.

Is it common for people to use Seinfeld references for their Fantasy Football team names?

Seinfeld is a widely beloved sitcom, and many fans enjoy incorporating its humor into their fantasy team names.

Who are some characters from Seinfeld I can use for my team name?

Characters from Seinfeld that you can use include main characters like Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer, as well as supporting characters like Newman, The Soup Nazi, and more.


With this list of 100+ sidesplitting Seinfeld fantasy football names, your draft party is sure to be hilarious.

Seinfeld fantasy football team names fuse gridiron terminology with your favorite moments from Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer’s misadventures.

The perfect moniker celebrates the show’s humor while also being a natural fit for your fantasy team. It should capture your Seinfeld fandom without trying too hard.

Most importantly, pick a name that makes you and your league-mates crack up. It’s all about enjoying the absurdity of life between plays.

So put on your puffy shirt, stop short with the vanilla frosted donuts, and pick a name Costanza would be proud of!

Because when it comes to Seinfeld fantasy football team names, you can’t go wrong with a little “yada yada yada” and a lot of laughs.

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