Disney Trivia Team Names | 250+ Funny Ideas For Your Trivia

Disney trivia team names are more than just clever puns or pop culture references. They are a chance to showcase your Disney fandom.

team name shows you know Disney inside and out. With trivia covering decades of movies, characters, and parks, the options are endless.

Will your trivia team name be a nod to a classic like The Mickey Mouse Club? Or maybe go in a unique direction like The Seven Drawfs.

No matter what, a fun Disney trivia team name gets everyone excited and sets the tone for a night of friendly competition and Disney magic.

So put your heads together and come up with something clever. Just take it from us – the magic is in the details.

With the perfect Disney team name, you’ll be poised to impress both your competitors and the audience.

Best Disney Trivia Team Names

Best Disney Trivia Team Names
Best Disney Trivia Team Names

The best Disney trivia team names quickly tell opponents your squad came ready to dominate.

They showcase your Disney smarts in a powerful yet fun way. Aim for names that fire up your crew and intimidate challengers.

Our top picks like Mickey’s Masterminds are bold and competitive. They let opponents know your team is serious about taking home the prize.

Browse this list of the best Disney trivia team names to find one that feels like an embodiment of your squad’s spirit.

  • Simba’s Pride
  • The Peter Panners
  • Cinderella’s Mice
  • Aurora’s Sleepers
  • The Infinite Buzz
  • Tink and the Thinkers
  • Elsa’s Snowflakes
  • The Dazzling Dumbo
  • Tarzan’s Apes
  • Hopping Thumpers
  • The Pocahontas Prodigies
  • Belle’s Bookworms
  • 7 Dwarfs of Trivia
  • The Lion Quiz
  • The Aladdin Genies
  • Rafiki’s Riddles
  • The Hercules Heroes
  • Triton’s Tritons
  • The Mermaid Minds
  • Ariel’s Grotto Group
  • Sleeping Quizmasters
  • The Quizketeers
  • Tick Tock Crock Minds
  • The Jafar Geniuses
  • Trivia Neverland
  • Mulan’s Mushus
  • The Hunchbacks of Notre Quiz
  • Never Beast Brains
  • Tangled in Trivia
  • The Fantasia Maestros
  • Lumiere’s Brights
  • The Moana Voyagers
  • Zootopia Sleuths
  • Pinocchio’s Puppeteers
  • Lady and the Champs
  • Trivia Toy Soldiers
  • Baloo’s Bare Necessities
  • Aristocat Astuteness
  • Frozen Fanatics
  • The Nemo Navigators
  • Tron Titans
  • Mickey Masters
  • Goofy’s Guessers
  • Gaston’s Braggarts
  • Big Hero Brains
  • The Lady Tremaine Trivia
  • Olaf’s Facts
  • Trivia-ficent
  • 101 Trivia-spots
  • Hakuna Matata Thinkers
  • The Jungle VIPs
  • Epcot’s Einsteins
  • Tantor’s Toughies
  • Scar’s Schemers
  • Carpet Flight Think-Tank
  • Iago’s Intellects
  • Trivia in Wonderland
  • Steamboat Brainiacs
  • Beast’s Bookworms
  • Timon and Pumbaa’s Puzzle Solvers
  • Wall-E’s Whizzes
  • The Quasimodo Quizzers
  • The Genie’s Wits
  • Wise Little Jiminy
  • Tick-Tock Trivia Crocks
  • The Second Star Savants
  • Quiz-lightyear
  • The Oaken’s Tokens
  • Cruella’s Cunning Crew
  • Red Queen Rule Makers

Funny Disney Trivia Team Names

Funny Disney Trivia Team Names
Funny Disney Trivia Team Names

While Disney trivia is serious business, a funny team name ensures everyone is in on the laughs. Humor lightens the mood while still bringing the trivia heat.

Funny Disney trivia team names promise chuckles between questions. They showcase your quick wit and self-deprecating charm.

Names that give Disney lingo a silly spin are always crowd-pleasers. They set a tone that while your team is devoted to Disney.

Check out the funny Disney trivia team names on our list to find one that captures your crew’s humorous spirit!

  • Snow White and the Seven Dorks
  • Tweedledee and Trivialedee
  • Mulan Rouge
  • Dopey’s Dunce Caps
  • Winnie the Who?
  • The Trivia Tiggers
  • Ursula’s Unfortunate Souls
  • Captain Look
  • The Evil Quiz Mother
  • Buzzed Lightyears
  • Flounder’s Floppers
  • The Circle of Knowledge
  • Toy Story of Terror
  • Dumbo’s Dunderheads
  • Cinderfella in Trivia Town
  • Kronk’s Wrong Lever Pullers
  • Shivering Shere Khans
  • Trivi-arf!
  • 101 QuizMations
  • Quiztasia 2000
  • Peter Quiz-not-so-Sure
  • The Not-so-Incredibles
  • The Rafikis Who Don’t Know Why
  • Daisy’s Dizzy Dudes
  • Madam Mim’s Mirthsters
  • Impostor Baloo’s
  • Gullible Jiminy Crickets
  • Iago’s Squawk Squads
  • NutsabouTrivia
  • The Triviaristocats
  • Kuzco’s New Groove
  • The Jumbalayans of Mama Odie
  • Sneaky Scrooge McDucks
  • I Thought She Wrote Murphy
  • So-called Scar!
  • Shi Funny Shen
  • WTH, Alice!
  • Quiztory’s Goof Troop
  • Belle’s Know-it-Twirls
  • Pocahontas John’d Smiths
  • Mickey’s Mistakes
  • Unlikely Heroes of Hercules
  • The Smee Sluggards
  • Zazu’s Zeroes
  • Gaston’s ‘No Belle’ Prizes
  • Shrunken Ned Head Hunters
  • The Fuddled Merida’s Royals
  • Brainless Beasts
  • TriviaTramp Clan
  • Make Mine Mimosa
  • The Panicked Pixars
  • The Hades Underworlders
  • Elsa’s “Let it Go” Singers
  • Trivia on Ice
  • Give up the Goof
  • Lion Cling
  • Dingdong Bell
  • The Foolish Mortals
  • The Triviaristocats
  • Madam Mim’s Madlings
  • Gaston’s Gast-off Team
  • The Lost Boys Lost Again
  • Not-so-Magic Mirror
  • The Pawns of Queens
  • The Tumbling Teacups
  • The Haphazard Hearts
  • Aurora’s Snorers
  • Tarzan’s Tantrums
  • The Jolly Roger’s Reckless Crew
  • The Trivial Kinghts of Camelot

Cool Disney Trivia Team Names

Cool Disney Trivia Team Names
Cool Disney Trivia Team Names

Having a cool Disney trivia team name gives your squad confidence. Look for names with equal parts pixie dust magic and competitive edge.

Blend Disney lingo with modern slang for natural coolness. Names like “Mouseketeers” have a confident yet laidback vibe.

Pop culture references also add a nice boost to the cool factor. Our favorites are “The Emperor’s New Groove” and “The Incredibles.”

Aim for names that sound smooth while showcasing your Disney devotion.

Browse this list of cool Disney trivia team name ideas to find the perfect match for your crew!

  • The Underwood Captains
  • The Silver Mist Warriors
  • Team Star Command
  • Realm of Monsters
  • Verminous Squad
  • Frozen Chosen
  • True Reflections
  • Spell Breakers
  • The Silver Sea Warriors
  • Pegasus Wings
  • The Kingdom Keepers
  • Code Crackers
  • The Science Guys
  • Adventure Islanders
  • Spark Seekers
  • Disney Detectives
  • Archimedean Owls
  • The Shooting Stars
  • The Golden Galleons
  • Black Pearl Pirates
  • Griffin Mountaineers
  • Guardian Ghosts
  • The Frontier Settlers
  • Island Castaways
  • Paradise Patrol
  • Triton’s Defenders
  • Magic Makers
  • Atlantis Explorers
  • The Trident Warriors
  • The Dream Chaser
  • Jungle Defenders
  • The Cosmic Commanders
  • Wonder Brains
  • Magic Boosters
  • Team Tomorrowland
  • Titan Trailblazers
  • Eternals Dawn
  • Space Mountain Heroes
  • Gleaming Gemstones
  • Cryptic Coders
  • Data Decryptors
  • Disney Diviners
  • Lunar Gliders
  • Zodiac Zealots
  • The Shadow Stalkers
  • Space Rangers
  • Star Surfers
  • Enigmatic Enchanted
  • Quiz Quasars
  • Icarus Innovators
  • Galaxy Guides
  • Omega Protectors
  • Dawn Defenders
  • Crystal Keepers
  • Destiny Drops
  • Star Warriors
  • Galactica Gladiators
  • Sunset Seekers
  • Diamond Defenders
  • Daylight Dreamers
  • Chronos Champions
  • Mythic Mystics
  • Pandora Protectors
  • Moonlight Magicians
  • Cosmic Clippers
  • Magma Movers
  • Ecliptic Eagles
  • Starlight Specters
  • Solar Sprinters
  • The Scroll Seekers

Creative Disney Trivia Team Names

Creative Disney Trivia Team Names
Creative Disney Trivia Team Names

Get creative with your Disney trivia team name to establish your squad’s originality. Mash up Disney films and characters to wow competitors.

Fuse Disney elements with your team’s interests in innovation. Names like “Hakuna Ma-Trivias” showcase outside-the-box thinking.

Surprise your challengers by taking a common Disney term and remixing it with your team’s identity. Your creative spin is sure to leave a mark!

creative Disney trivia team name exhibits your team’s innovation and gives you a competitive edge.

So use the creative Disney trivia team names on our list to ignite ideas for your signature Disney title!

  • Gaston’s IQ Challengers
  • Mermaid Mantra
  • Aladdin’s Adapted Genies
  • Stich’s Space Saviours
  • Mouseketeer Maniacs
  • Tinkerbell’s Trivia Twister
  • Simba’s Smart Squad
  • Ariel’s Artful Aspirants
  • Elsa’s Enigma Elucidators
  • Mulan’s Mushu Masters
  • Pocahontas’ Puzzle Breakers
  • Cinderella’s Trivia Chimes
  • Aurora’s Awakened Wise Ones
  • Tweedlehunch and Tweedledim
  • Wall-E’s World Whizzes
  • Belle’s Brainy Battalion
  • The Fairy Trivia Godmothers
  • Hunchback’s Knowledge Knights
  • Cruella’s Wise Crackers
  • Zazu’s Zealous Zephyrs
  • Olaf’s Brain Freeze Brigade
  • Goofy’s Gallant Guessers
  • Jasmine’s Jewels of Genius
  • Beast’s Brainy Bees
  • The Courageous Cub Simbas
  • Peter Pan’s Clever Clan
  • Lilo’s Galactic Geniuses
  • Quasimodo’s Quizzers
  • Scrooge’s Smartypants
  • Sleeping Brainy
  • Elsa’s Icy Intelligentsia
  • Tarzan’s Trivia Tribe
  • Chip ‘n Dale’s Brainy Bunch
  • Trivial Tritons
  • Aurora’s Starlit Scholars
  • The Great Mouse Detectives
  • Captain Hook’s Clever Coders
  • Beast’s Brainy Bookworms
  • Neverland’s Know-it-Alls
  • Mulan’s Mental Mushus
  • Toy Story Thinkers
  • Agrabah’s Brainy Aladdins
  • Wise Woody and Friends
  • Rapunzel’s Roustabout Readers
  • Trivia under the Sea
  • Mickey’s Majestic Minds
  • Intelligence in Wonderland
  • Pooh’s Thoughtful Spots
  • The Wise Dwarfs
  • The Odds in Our Favor
  • Pocahontas’ Puzzle Solvers
  • The Everlasting Elsas
  • Jafar’s Jovial Geniuses
  • Mike’s Mazes
  • Tangled Thinkers
  • The Trivia Tiggerifics
  • Mad Hatter’s Mentalists
  • The Brainy Bells
  • Hundred Acre Brainiacs
  • Clever Little Mermaids
  • Rafiki’s Smart Simbas
  • Captains of the Black Pearls
  • The Moana Mind Surfers
  • The Disney Dish
  • The Flynn Riders
  • The Oaken Avengers
  • Clever Clawhausers
  • Wise Wreck-it-Ralphs
  • The Brainy Bug’s Life
  • Trivia Jungle VIPs


Navigating the world of Disney trivia is magical. Should your team name be funny? What if not everyone on your team is a Disney fan?

Take a magic ride through our frequently asked questions to find everything you need to know about choosing a Disney trivia team name.

Why should we choose a Disney-themed trivia team name?

Choosing a Disney-themed trivia name brings an element of fun and would resonate well with Disney enthusiasts. It also complements the Disney trivia night setting perfectly.

How do I select the perfect Disney trivia team name?

Consider your team’s favorite Disney characters, films, or quirks. Incorporate puns, play on words or terminologies related to Disney.

How do we make our Disney trivia team name funny?

Use puns or humorous references from Disney movies. For example, “Aladdin’s Lamp Losers” or “Buzzed Lightyears.”

How can I create a Disney trivia team name that’s not already taken?

Combine different references from Disney movies, add a trivia-related word, or incorporate inside jokes or experiences your team shares.

What if not everyone on my team is a Disney fan?

Try to choose a team name that’s widely recognizable. Even classic Disney references can be enjoyable and appreciated by all.

Can we change our Disney trivia team name for different rounds or games?

Unless specified by the rules of your trivia game, generally, you can change your team name anytime.

Are longer or shorter team names better for Disney trivia?

Both can work, depending on your preference. Shorter names could be easier to remember, while longer names provide more room for creativity.


The hunt for the perfect Disney trivia team name is on! With over 250 funny and creative ideas, we hope this list sparked inspiration.

The ideal Disney trivia name embodies your crew’s fandom and competitive spirit. It should fire up your team and intimidate opponents.

So gather your squad and find that magical name to take your Disney trivia skills to the next level! It’s time to show off your Disney smarts and bring home the prize.

Whether you go for a playful or powerful vibe, pick a Disney trivia team name that represents your crew’s passion. Then get ready to feel that magic as you dominate the night!

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