Taylor Swift Trivia Team Names | 200+ Funny Names For Swifties

Taylor Swift trivia team names are a great way to show your love for the superstar. Coming up with a creative and funny team name is a challenge.

But for diehard Swifties, it’s worth it. A good team name shows everyone that you know Taylor’s music by heart and gives you bragging rights.

Will your team name be a play on her song titles? Or a reference to the lyrics of one of her hits? The options are endless for Taylor Swift fans.

Gather your squad and put your Swiftie knowledge to the test. A trivia competition is the perfect time to flaunt your fandom.

With the right Taylor Swift trivia team name, you’ll stand out from the crowd. Show everyone you’re a Swifty and you know every Taylor song.

From her country roots to her pop reinvention, your team name can highlight your love for Taylor’s entire musical catalog.

And who knows – you might just win the whole trivia game and make Taylor – and your fellow Swifties – proud.

Best Taylor Swift Trivia Team Names

Best Taylor Swift Trivia Team Names
Best Taylor Swift Trivia Team Names

The best Taylor Swift trivia team names showcase your superfan status. They grab attention while nodding to your fave Taylor songs and lyrics.

Our top picks like are creative without going overboard. They let your competitors know your Swiftie crew has the passion to dominate.

The key is finding a name that’s equal parts fun and competitive. When you hear it, you’ll feel ready to ace that T-Swift trivia!

Browse this list of the best Taylor Swift trivia team names and look for one that resonates as a natural fit.

  • Teardrops on Our Winners
  • Fearless Champions
  • Crazier Conquerors
  • Love Story Legends
  • The Fearless Fighters
  • Picture to Burn Champs
  • Happy, Free, Confused and Victorious
  • Sparks Fly Trailblazers
  • The Last Great Trivia Dynasty
  • Champion’s Love Story
  • The Maniacs of Wonderland
  • State of Grace Strategists
  • Lover of Victory
  • The Starlight Squad
  • All Too Victorious
  • The Enchanted Entrants
  • The End Game Experts
  • Delicate Doers
  • Folklore Force
  • The Storytellers of Speak Now
  • Treacherous Titans
  • Don’t Blame Me Darlings
  • Dancing With Our Hands Tied Together
  • Swift RED Reapers
  • Cardigan Champions
  • Surprised Swifties
  • The Echoes of ’22
  • Wildest Dreams Winners
  • Victory Has A Name: Swift
  • Speak Now Spirits
  • You Belong with Winners
  • Call It What You Want Crusaders
  • Safe & Sound Soldiers
  • I Knew You Were Winners
  • Mean Defeaters
  • The Lucky Swifters
  • Trivia is a Highway
  • Innocent Geniuses
  • Forever & Always Frontrunners
  • I Did Something Winning
  • Quizzing in a Snow Globe
  • The Seven Champs
  • Betty’s Brainiacs
  • Jump Then Fall Jesters
  • Clean Champions
  • Should’ve Said No Savants
  • Getaway Car Competitors
  • Red Hot Trivia Takers
  • We Are Never Ever Leaving Trivia
  • Style Skylarkers
  • The Swift Diviners
  • Trivia Trouble Breakers
  • The New Romantics Order
  • The Exile Experts
  • Mirrorball Mystics
  • Swift Legend Legends
  • The Calm After the Storm
  • Haunted by Victory
  • Lucky Thirteen
  • The August Answers
  • Cruel Summer Cruisers
  • Out of the Woods Winners
  • Mine Masters
  • Back to December Determiners
  • Cornelia Street Conquerors
  • Paper Rings Patriots
  • Trivia Queen of My Heart
  • Swift Circlers of the Globe
  • The Cruel Summer Sages
  • Everything Has Changed Mavens

Funny Taylor Swift Trivia Team Names

Funny Taylor Swift Trivia Team Names
Funny Taylor Swift Trivia Team Names

While Taylor Swift trivia is business, a funny team name ensures everyone smiles. Humor eases tension so all the Swifties can enjoy themselves.

A funny name promises your competitors a fun, entertaining game night. These names get chuckles while showing off your T-Swift passion.

Funny trivia team names are perfect for more casual games among friends. They give your Taylor fan crew a playful, not-too-serious vibe.

Check out the funny Taylor Swift trivia team names on our list to find one that aligns with your crew’s humor style.

  • Swift Kickers
  • 1989 Not Out
  • Swift Jokers
  • The Swift Bakers Dozen
  • The Quiz-mas Trees
  • Swift’s Trivia Troupe
  • Shake It Off Losers
  • Trivia Swiftstakes
  • The Cats Over Mice
  • The Fifteen Fruits
  • Question Marks Fly
  • Stay Stay Slay
  • Mean Machines
  • Treacherous Tumblers
  • Red-Hot Ridiculous
  • The 22 Twisters
  • Puzzled Peas of Speak Now
  • Screaming Color Squad
  • Endgame Enders
  • Question Marks on a Blank Space
  • The Things We Quiz About
  • We Are Never Ever Answering That
  • The Silent Screamers
  • Save Your Passes, We’re Dancing
  • Swift-song Savages
  • We Quiz Ourselves
  • Gardening with The Lakes Logics
  • The Silent Trivia Treatment
  • The Fearless Fluffballs
  • The Touring Trivia Swifties
  • Taylor-Made Madness
  • The Reputation Rabble-rousers
  • The Fun and Games Gang
  • The TEAms
  • The Clever Cornelia Street Canvassers
  • Shake It Offruners
  • The Sunny Day Swifties
  • Cross-The-Bridge Brainy Bunch
  • The Fearless Flippers
  • Trivia Swiftships
  • The Ha Ha Swifties
  • The August Laughters
  • The London Boy Lovers
  • 123 Drink & Think
  • The Invisible String Slingers
  • The Swift Swap Stooges
  • The Eligible Evermore Eccentrics
  • The Sparks Fly Fireflies
  • Swift’s Goblet of Fire
  • The Hall of Fame Swifties
  • The Swift Laughter Lovers
  • The Golden Gait Gazers
  • Red Over Heels
  • The Swift Shirkers
  • Romeo’s Jolly Jokers
  • The Cardigan Comedians
  • RIP to the Score That You Used to See
  • Winning is Our Love Story
  • Out of the Woodwork
  • Looking at Trivia Now
  • Wildest Quiz Whizzers
  • Are we out of the quizzes yet?
  • 1989 Minus 1 Managers
  • The Mushroom Mellowers
  • Taylor’s Teaisers
  • Here’s the thing about NEXT!
  • Swiftology Surfers
  • The Swift Circus Starmakers
  • Ridin’ on a horse–uh?
  • Taylor’s Barefoot Blue Jean Knights

Cool Taylor Swift Trivia Team Names

Cool Taylor Swift Trivia Team Names
Cool Taylor Swift Trivia Team Names

Having a cool Taylor Swift trivia team name gives your squad effortless confidence and cred. Look for names with equal parts chill and fandom.

The key is finding something clever without trying too hard. Blend modern lingo with Taylor song titles and lyrics for natural coolness.

Team names like “Swift Squad” or “The Tay Swayzees” have a nice ring to them. They let your competitors know your team has the Swiftie skills without bragging.

Browse this list of cool Taylor Swift trivia team names. Find one with just the right competitive yet laidback T-Swift energy to match your crew!

  • The Fearless Swifties
  • Evermore Empires
  • Swift Prowess
  • Reputation Rulers
  • Red Redeemers
  • Delicate Dominators
  • Love Story Avengers
  • The Swift Phoenix
  • Blank Space Brigadiers
  • Swift Oracle Order
  • Swift Captains of 1989
  • Glowing Like Daylight
  • The Fearless Fortitude
  • The Evermore Eight
  • Calm Like An Ocean Wave
  • The Swift Sceptres
  • Shake It Off Rebels
  • The Swift Syndicate
  • The Unstoppable Swifties
  • Battle of the Swift
  • Team Marvelous Swift
  • The Swift Forecast
  • Red Renaissance
  • The Gorgeous Group
  • Swifties On a Mission
  • Swift’s Trivia Troop
  • The Lover Loyals
  • The Speak Now Savages
  • The Swift Mystics
  • The Victorious Voices of Violence
  • The Reputation Reinforcements
  • Shake It Off Shockers
  • The Legacy of Swift
  • Bad Blood Brigadiers
  • Swifties Sailing 1989
  • The Swift Waves of Water
  • Swift’s Trivia Titans
  • The Golden Gurus
  • The Mad Woman Marauders
  • The Swift Serpents
  • The Enchanted Order
  • Cardigan Conquerors
  • Taylor-Made Triumphs
  • The Blessed of STAN
  • The Sole Swift Soldiers
  • THE Archer’s Army
  • Swift’s Synergy Sappers
  • Mighty Swift Shadows
  • The Fearless Force
  • The Reputation Raiders
  • The Swift Ciphers
  • The Evermore Enigma
  • The Crafty Cardigans
  • Swift’s Mirage Masters
  • Lover’s League
  • The Gowlers of Ghostin
  • Swift’s Platinum Squad
  • Swift’s Trivia Thunder
  • Backseat Freestylers
  • Legendary Seven Swifties
  • Folklore Front-runners
  • You’re Not Sorry Squad
  • The Starry-eyed Swifties
  • Champs With The Dancing Witch
  • Wonderland Wizards
  • The Power of Prologue
  • The Daylight Defenders
  • The Swift Comet Crush
  • The Shadows of ‘Bad Blood’
  • The Tim McGraw Titans.


Discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Taylor Swift trivia team names!

From coming up with creative ideas to choosing the perfect name, this FAQ will serve as your guide to shine at a Taylor Swift-themed trivia night.

What is a Taylor Swift trivia team name?

A Taylor Swift trivia team name is a fun name used by a group of people who are participating in a Taylor Swift-themed trivia night.

The team name typically reflects the group’s love for Taylor Swift, her songs, or her life.

Why should I choose a Taylor Swift-themed team name?

Choosing a Taylor Swift-themed team name adds an extra layer of excitement and enthusiasm to your trivia night.

It helps in fostering camaraderie among team members and showcases your shared passion for Taylor Swift and her music.

How do I come up with a Taylor Swift trivia team name?

To come up with a Taylor Swift trivia team name, you can derive inspiration from her song titles, lyrics, or particular aspects of her life.

You can also create puns or word combinations using her name or popular phrases from her songs.

Can I come up with my own Taylor Swift trivia team name?

Use your creativity to come up with a unique and personalized Taylor Swift trivia team name that best fits your group’s personality and shared love for Taylor Swift.

How long should a Taylor Swift trivia team name be?

A Taylor Swift trivia team name should be short and snappy, ideally 2-4 words long. A shorter team name is easier to remember and often has a greater impact.

Can I use these Taylor Swift trivia team names for other games or events?

These Taylor Swift trivia team names can be adapted, with minor adjustments, to fit other games, events, or activities that involve teams and Taylor Swift-related themes.


With this list of over 200 Taylor Swift trivia team names, we hope we’ve sparked inspiration for your Swiftie crew!

The perfect trivia team name encapsulates your fan identity and competitive spirit. It energizes your squad and intimidates opponents.

So gather your Taylor Swift clique and find that spirited team name you all connect with. Let it unite you as you flex your Swift fandom!

Your trivia team name is just the first verse. Your Taylor Swift expertise will write the rest of the song. So step up and dominate that trivia!

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